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Make the best of the lockdown

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Are you currently in a city that has been locked down due to the coronavirus pandemic? We advise that you stay home and stay safe. The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus infections has now crossed the one million threshold globally, with over sixty thousand deaths. These numbers are rising daily and the epicenter of infections has shifted to the United States followed closely by Spain and Italy.

It is estimated that a third of the global population is on lockdown in a bid to contain the spread of the virus and in some countries this could last for at least a month depending on how well new infections are put under control. What this means is that the working population, which spends hours daily in transit is now compelled to stay at home. Asides the economic consequences of the lockdown, individuals have to also cope with its physical, psychological, emotional and social implications on their lives.

During this period, it is a herculean task to find activities to effectively engage us throughout the day. However, there are many activities we could explore to reduce the boredom and sometimes frustration associated with the Covid-19 lockdown. Here are a few of our suggestions;

Learn a new language

Our electronic devices have assumed even greater importance since the Covid-19 lockdown. If we could do without them at times before the lockdown, we simply cannot do without them now. From financial transactions to shopping and keeping ourselves entertained, we now depend almost solely on our computers, phones, tablets and TVs. With so many apps and websites offering language classes for free, why not avail yourself the opportunity of learning a new language? It is fun, exciting, educating and engaging.

Learn new recipes

If you are already cooking for your family, this period presents an opportunity to learn new recipes. With so much time to spare, there are many websites you could turn to for lessons on those exotic meals you often order from your favorite restaurants.

And if cooking was not your thing before now, now is the time to put the kitchen into good use. Cooking is a form of therapy and its successful completion, no matter how it turns out in terms of taste or appearance, gives a sense of fulfillment.

Engage in daily workout sessions

For the next weeks (or even months), you have no excuse not to engage in physical exercise. Your living room, backyard or staircase are good spots to get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. This is particularly necessary considering the unhealthy practices, such as binging on TV series, sleeping and late night munching associated with the boredom of staying at home for a long period of time.

Read books and journals

After exercising your body, it is also essential to exercise your mind which you can do by reading books, journals and newspapers. This will serve two purposes, you will gain knowledge and also have more focus time and stay off the news for a while especially fake news. Besides no knowledge is ever wasted.

More frequent and intense housecleaning

There are a few things as retrospectively satisfying as thorough housecleaning. Work life often means we contract most housecleaning activities to paid housekeepers or leave them till weekends. This is an opportunity to pay adequate attention to those difficult-to-reach or concealed areas of our homes. With the lockdown, you now have no excuse whatsoever for not cleaning the washing machine, oven and curtains; rearranging and tidying up the store and wardrobe; and cleaning the toilet and bathroom one tile at a time.

Create family Time

One of the greatest hazards of work is that it deprives us of precious family time. This period affords us an opportunity to create memories by spending precious time with our loved ones. When was the last time you heard your daughter sing, saw your son kick a soccer ball or have movie nights with the wife and kids? This is an opportunity to do that and a lot more.

Family time is not restricted to only family members present with us in our homes at the moment, thanks to advancements in mobile technology we can now make voice and video calls seamlessly, let us use this opportunity to reach out to our loved ones that we have not had time to communicate with before now. Family time is priceless!


This pandemic has indeed humbled humanity and there has never been a better time to give to the needy in the society. There are a lot of initiatives that you can join to donate food, clothes, books and money to help those who really need it.

Plan your Retirement

This is a very good time to evaluate your plans for the future. This lockdown may very well be a dry run for what actual retirement feels like because it has made us realize that we can actually live without a lot if the things that we previously thought were very essential to us. With a lot more free time on our hands we have a perfect opportunity to evaluate our retirement plan vis-a-vis existing and potential investments to determine whether we actually are putting enough away.

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