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Improve your productivity through likability

Original version was posted on aiicopension.com on 22 July 2019

85% of business and indeed personal success depends on how you are perceived. It is an established fact that people do business with people they like, whether they are meeting for the first time or have known them all their lives.

Being likable is a task that everyone needs to invest in because this will have direct impact on how productive you are as a business owner or even as an employee.

Below are some of the ways you can improve your likability.

  • Be genuinely interested in people. Do not be only interested in using other people to achieve your goals without any care about their personal well-being or happiness. Your accomplishments is as a result of other people's efforts, therefore you need to recognize that. Make others feel good.

  • Don't criticize to pull others down. Be considerate in your criticism and do it with a heart of love. Remember that the measure of respect you give to others is what you will get back. Your nonverbal language must not be communicated with negativity. Nobody hangs around negative people.

  • Look good always. It helps you connect with other people. People will gravitate towards you if you always dress well, with perfect grooming and poise. Avoid acting like a bushman in public, if you do, no one will be interested in associating with you to avoid embarrassment.

  • Lastly, be diligent is whatever you do. Strive for excellence and be positive all the time. Do not shout down at people, no matter who they are or their position in the society. Everyone needs someone who loves them and love breaks every barrier. Besides, you never can tell who will give you the required break that you earnestly seek after. Also, remember to give gifts and not expecting something in return. These attitudes shatter iron doors.

How liked are you?

Check yourself if your likability quotient has not diminished. Work on every aspect of your life, your very existence and overall success depends on it

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